Sunday, April 25, 2010

70+ Fierce Dragon Designs from deviantART

70+ Fierce Dragon Designs from deviantART by Ahmad Hania

Dragons are legendary and imaginary creatures, commonly portrayed in various myths as serpentine or reptilian. We have seen dragons in various movies, cartoons, comic books and even video games, dragons always displayed as fierce and powerful flying creatures that are able to emit fire from their mouths. Many artists and designers have tried to draw their own version of powerful, fierce, old and mythical creatures. In this article I compiled a list of fantastic digital art of dragons from deviantART.

Links are listed in no specific order and designs licenses are reserved to their respective owners.

Article written by Ahmad Hania

Ahmad Hania is a professional designer and developer with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He is interested in freelancing and blogging. He is a cofounder of Wateen Technologies an application development and hosting company. He loves video games and sports. Read more articles by Ahmad Hania at his blog Follow Ahmad Hania at Twitter and Facebook.
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    Only Sakata's acerbic dragon lady is consistently persuasive; the scenes between the two estranged sisters (when they finally do meet after decades of

  • Anonymous

    Thats too amazing, the pictures make me look world of warcraft (game from Blizzard), the dragons and the style…
    I like that!

  • Anonymous

    Incrivel !! Totalmente emocionado com todas as imagens .Vou continuar estudando pra um dia conseguir um nivel como esse .


  • Anonymous

    They're so AMAZING!!!!
    so talented!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting

  • Anonymous

    they are all so amazing love them all <3 ^_^

  • Anonymous

    this is so kewl it really capture the absolute beauty and power of dragons each culture

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  • Anonymous

    love it, babe! keep going!

  • Anonymous

    I wish there were some Eastern dragons, though. </3

    Nice job.

  • Anonymous

    Stunning work here! love it! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Absoulty amazing I luv them all!

  • Anonymous

    love them!! amaizing thanks!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Kerem Beyit No 1

  • rod rodriguez

    Dragons are so cool, really hard to imagine the details. Cool stuff here, thanks

  • xzykho

    I love deviant art, lots of cool peeps there, nice compilation… thanks for sharing

  • Steve Farmer

    Excellent attention to detail on most of these pieces. A few were really great though. Deviant Art is the best collection of artwork on the web. The thing that really makes it great is that anybody can post their art. The Dragon is imagination.

  • allcor

    Wonderful works, not only amazing details on the dragons and other elements, every picture here got their own soul and emotion. Every works lead us into a new epic moment and story. All thumbs up!!!! 🙂

  • Kevin Miller

    These are epic! I have seen some of these and faved them. But i have never seen most of these! They are epic! FTW!

    I just wish "Eic" would come back to deviantart.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely beautiful display of art and talent!

  • Anonymous

    Spectacular display of one of the most interesting creatures to draw and imagine. The collection is amazing and I greatly enjoyed looking at them.

  • Anonymous

    ha i was expecting yugioh and i saw it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely stunning pictures, enjoyed looking at them all.

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