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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Links Pile Up: 40+ Websites To Get Or Download Fonts

Whether you are a professional graphic designer or an amateur web publisher, fonts are an essential part of your work to create better looking products, and it is an essential part of every one that uses computers and Internet because we see it every day in websites, applications, designs, office programs and emails. So what is a font anyway?

A font (also fount) is traditionally defined as a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface. For example, the set of all characters for 9-point Bulmer italic is a font, and the 10-point size would be a separate font, as would the 9 point upright. After the introduction of computer fonts based on fully scalable outlines, a broader definition evolved. Font is no longer size-specific, but still refers to a single style. Bulmer regular, Bulmer italic, Bulmer bold and Bulmer bold italic are four fonts, but one typeface.

In this article I compiled a list of websites to search, browse and download fonts or to buy commercial fonts.

Free Fonts

An amazing collection of free fonts and free dingbats. With over 8,000 freeware fonts, It is maybe the best place to download fonts.

FontCo.com offers a magnificent and a very huge collection of free fonts with a collection of more than 12,000 free fonts to download.

Fawnt is a resource for designers, developers, and anyone that loves free fonts. Fawnt lists beautiful fonts in nice speech bubbles coupled with a scrollable interface to make browsing easy.

FontSpace is a community of font designers and font addicts. All 11543 free typefaces that you can download have been hand-categorized into 3000+ categories for your graphic design, scrapbooking, or documents. Because they tag each font it’s amazingly simple to find just the font or dingbat you are looking for.

fontex offer a high quality, hand-picked free fonts just for you to download. You can search, browse and test font before downloading.

Jabroo.com offers a huge directory of free fonts available for you to browse, search and download. Their huge directory contains more than 17,000 free fonts.

Largest Free Font selection on the web, over 13,000 Free Fonts.

Download many free fonts. Choose category and have fun downloading fonts!

Font Squirrel
Font Squirrel is your best resource for free, hand-picked, high-quality, free for commercial-use fonts.With a collection of more than 600 hand picked free fonts to download.

DingbatDepot.com is a large source of free dingbats. All fonts on this site are free (shareware or freeware) and available for immediate download.

Free Premium Fonts
FreePremiumFonts.com has the finest, high quality free fonts available for instant download. These premium free fonts were selected by popular votes and most downloads. These free fonts are listed alphabetically and by popular categories. On font pages preview any of the free fonts by typing your custom text and selecting text size. View most popular characters in the font using full character grid with character zoom feature.

Browse, Search and Download free high quality fonts.

Fonts4Free.net saves you from spending lots of time searching for a free font to use either for new logo or in new graphic design. They have over 10.000 fonts, indexed by first letter or category.

Free collection of fonts and typefaces to download in many categories, over 10,000 free fonts.

Abstract Fonts
Abstract Fonts have grown to have over 12,000 free fonts and about 1 million unique downloads every month. You can view the fonts in many ways: latest, by category, by designer, by recent popularity, popularity climbers and sliders, similarity, best and worst rated, and more!
Each of the fonts has a customizable string preview, character map, member comments, similar fonts as well as a font info tab with all kinds of helpful information about the font.

Fontica offer a huge collection of high quality free font for you to download. Their massive font collection contains more than 11,000 free fonts and 360 eXchange fonts.


Font Cubes
In Font Cubes you’ll find the best free PC fonts and free Mac Fonts from the best font artists in the world. The fonts listed are more than 9,000 free fonts.


exljbris Font Foundry
In Jos Buivenga’s exljbris Font Foundry. You can find free fonts. Delicious, Fontin, Fontin Sans, Tallys, Fertigo Pro, Diavlo, Anivers, Museo, Museo Sans and Calluna.

Dieter Steffmann typOasis
A great collection of wonderful fonts by Dieter Steffmann.

TreeHouse fonts
Archive of downloadable freeware fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by author, by style or by popularity from over 14,000 free fonts.

Famous Fonts
Famous Fonts is the first font archive on the web to collect only fonts used in TV shows, movies, publications, and other media and products, over 300 typefaces have been offered.

Manfred Klein Fonteria
Manfred’s fonts are free for private and charity use. They are even free for commercial use.

Wonderful free fonts by this professional Web/Graphic designer.

Rad Fonts
Download over 250 True Type fonts free for your PC or Mac.

Cape Arcona Type Foundry: Free Typefaces
A Professional font creators that offers free, payed and custom typefaces.

Pick Fonts
Pick Fonts offers a large free fonts archive with 793 fonts, all with large previews, character maps and a customizable previews

The Open Font Library
The Open Font Library is a sister project of the Open Clip Art Library. The goal of this project is to collect free software fonts – those that may be used, changed and shared freely.

Browse, view and download free typefaces for your website or print.

Sci-Fi Fonts
Contains just over 200 free fonts for download in the Sci-Fi category.

A free collection of typefaces.

One of the biggest free font resources on the net, with a large archive of more than 9000 fonts to pimp your fonts collection with. Each font has a large preview, character map and a customizable preview!

Browse, search and download free fonts from more than 3,000 fonts.

Better Fonts
Better Fonts offers thousands of Free Fonts for Instant Download.

Blue Vinyl Fonts
Over 30 font and typefaces to download for free.

Fonts to download for free the fonts are experiments in typography developed by students in seminars and workshops.

Search, browse and download in 2200 free elegant fonts for Mac or Windows.

Robot Johnny Fonts
A collection of free fonts created by John Martz. As he say the fonts quality varies from “perfectly usable and awesome” to “oh my that’s hideous”.

Free Graffiti Fonts

Commercial Fonts

The Fonts.com store from Monotype Imaging offers more than 100,000 font products for you to preview, purchase and download. You can also learn about new typeface releases and discover typographic tips and techniques.

FontHaus is where you can download the finest text, display and script fonts online from the most important foundries in the world. If you are choosing a font for your Mac or a PC or whether you need PostScript, TrueType or OpenType files, this site has been designed to help you easily find, quickly buy and download fonts at the best available prices.

FontShop is the original independent retailer of digital type. They offer more than 100,000 fonts from dozens of expert-selected foundries, including their house brand: FontFont.

The FontFont Library is the world’s largest collection of original, contemporary typefaces. What makes the FontFont Library unique is its wide variety of outstanding type designs. The spectrum of styles ranges from tasteful, high-quality text faces to distinctive display fonts that reflect current moods and often set new typographic trends.

Whether you’re a talented type genius wanted a platform to get your work out there, or you’re looking for some freestyle fonts to add to your creative toolkit, HypeForType welcomes you.

Suitcase Type Foundry
Suitcase Type Foundry is an independent type foundry, founded by Tomas Brousil in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic. They are specialized in the design and digitization of quality fonts for professional use. Apart from retail type we also produce custom typefaces for corporate use and other specific purposes on commission.

Ascenderfonts is a leading provider of advanced font products specializing in type design, font development and licensing. Ascender’s founders are font industry experts and have been involved in developing some of the most important and influential fonts used in computers, phones and many other hardware and software products.
Ascender provides multilingual, custom font development for a wide range of customers including creative professionals, enterprises and hardware & software developers.

Adobe Fonts
Off course Adobe needs no introduction and it offers commercial fonts through its online store.

Links are listed in no specific order.

Article written by Ahmad Hania

Ahmad Hania is a professional designer and developer with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He is interested in freelancing and blogging. He is a cofounder of Wateen Technologies an application development and hosting company. He loves video games and sports. Read more articles by Ahmad Hania at his blog Follow Ahmad Hania at Twitter and Facebook.

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