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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Links Pile Up: 55 Free PSD Website Templates on deviantART

Links Pile Up: 55 Free PSD Website Templates on deviantART by Ahmad Hania

deviantART is one of the largest collection of designs and designers out there. One of the most interesting categories in deviantART is Photoshop .PSD Files where you can download free .PSD Files from the collection and use them either for learning, inspiration or using them in a project of your own.
PSD Website templates is the first step in designing a website after that comes converting the designed template from PSD to HTML/CSS working template to be used afterwords in creating and developing the complete website. The benefit of having a free PSD Website template is that you have a base template that you like and then make some changes to match your needs and thoughts either in color or in layout.
In this article I compiled a list of Free PSD Website Templates on deviantART, but you must pay attention to the license before you start using the templates.

Smart Bussines free PSD 2 by GhostFight3r

Clandesign PSD by RpGrafixFreeStuff

Bordeaux Portfolio PSD by vukidrock

Cmotion PSD Templates by biogenix

Battlefield Clandesign PSD by RpGrafixFreeStuff

Business Design PSD by RpGrafixFreeStuff

Portfolio PSD by RpGrafixFreeStuff

Hoster Design PSD by RpGrafixFreeStuff

Greenie Theme by kryoten

FREE Template: My Beauty Shop by psdcow


Web Template for a salon by konnekt

Cartoon Grunge WebDesign by SET07

5 Webdesigns PSD Pack by majareq

Sophisticated Dark Corporate by PsdThemes

Awesome Coprorate Blog by PsdThemes

Marvelous Personal Portfolio by PsdThemes

OldVictorian Themed Awesome De by PsdThemes


SuperSlick Corporate Design Fr by PsdThemes

Cool Blog Design Pinkfloyd by PsdThemes

Colorful Video Themed Web Des by PsdThemes

One page Free Portfolio Design by PsdThemes

Blackboard Design Concept by PsdThemes

Bright Colors Radio Design by PsdThemes

Fantastic Soccer Blog Design by PsdThemes

BlacknWhite Personal Blog by PsdThemes

Extraordinary Blog Design by PsdThemes

Free Professional Web Template by iStormz

Business Website Template no.1 by PAULW

Future Art FREE PSD template by PAULW

Vista Themed Template by soflyfx

Maharaja Template by VelvetElvisDesign

Clan Template by blazedryan

Web Template .PSD by ctznfish

RD Web layout PSD by PAULW

FREE Template cardealership by An1ken

Free Template Number 2 by yiolo

Free Template Number 1 by yiolo

Personal Page Template by elhadibrahimi

ReelHD Template PSD by usaholes

Gaming Template by sunDox

Radioactive by VelvetElvisDesign

Orange by PSDTemplate.com by psdtemplate

Portfolio Website PSD by Its-Meeee

OIN – Free Photoshop Template by jdjohnson

Daisy Dukes Cousin: Rose Red by VelvetElvisDesign

Clantemplate 2 by Piengie

it doesn’t need a title by amokana

Crisp: Free Photoshop Template by jdjohnson

Online Media Template PSD by usaholes

Break- Free Photoshop Templat by jdjohnson

Corporate Template by dexinger

wordpress theme “my jurnal” by Artfans

SilveryWord by nornod

Black Box Hosting by VelvetElvisDesign

Simple Blog PSD by RpGrafixFreeStuff

Further Resources

  • ThemeForest – Website Templates, PSD Website Templates and WordPress Themes.
  • PSDThemes – Free and Premium Website Templates and PSD Website Templates.

Do not forget to check my deviantART page for free resources. If you have any free PSD website templates from deviantART that I missed please share them in the comments. Links are listed in no specific order.

Article written by Ahmad Hania

Ahmad Hania is a professional designer and developer with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He is interested in freelancing and blogging. He is a cofounder of Wateen Technologies an application development and hosting company. He loves video games and sports. Read more articles by Ahmad Hania at his blog Follow Ahmad Hania at Twitter and Facebook.

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