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Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 Free SEO Tools For Beginners

7 Free SEO Tools For Beginners

We all have to admit that we need all the help we can get when it comes to building our SEO, and if there is anything that is free such as free tools to help do this, then it is well worth the effort to search them out on the Internet. I am always watching for these and I have found some good ones that you may want to give a try.

1. BacklinkWatch

This is a quick and easy tool, no downloads necessary. All you have to do is type in your URL and you get important information about not only how many backlinks you have, but their anchor text as well. This way you can determine quickly how many of the anchor texts contain the keyword you want. Your goal is to have as many of these texts with your keyword contained. The idea is though, to act upon the information that this tool gives you and correct the weak points.

2. Wordtracker: Key Word Suggestion Tool

What you may consider to be a keyword that is common in your world may not be the case. With this tool you can check your choice of keyword to determine its popularity, and it’s competitiveness (a very important factor when choosing the keywords to promote). You will also get suggestions that may be better than the one you have chosen or that you can use as secondary keywords.

3. Keyword Density Analyzer

I personally love this tool because it quickly determines the density my keywords in my pages and allows me to easily preform changes to optimize my content. This tool allows you to see density for 1 word, 2 words and 3 words. Really cool tool that you should try out.

4. Multi Google Page Rank Checker

One of the most anticipated pieces of information that we want to receive data for is our page rank. This tool will access the google data centers quickly and show you where you are at with your page rank. It is an especially good tool if you are looking to check multiple URLs at once. Keep in mind that pagerank only updates like every 5 months.

5. SiteReportCard

There are lots of tools that will do this for you, but this one provides the data so it is quick and easy to read and you can make use of the information quickly. It takes a few minutes for it to do its job, but all of the information it provides including broken links, html issues load check and more will help you determine your weak areas in your SEO.

6. WebSitePulse Test Tools

This tool is for more advanced SEOs and will perform several different technical tests but one of the most important is checking the response time and other server issues. You can even monitor your site for free for 30 days to be aware of different difficulties that arise.

7. SEO Tools (136 SEO Tools)

Just in case you didn’t like some of the free tools that I mentioned you can go here to find a complete set of advanced SEO tools like keyword tool, website analysis tool PageRank tool and much more.

Although these are just a few of many free tools and some are better than others, they all have some valuable information to help you get your site to perform better. The thing to remember is that you can get tons of free information but the important part is what you do with it. If you take the time to analyze the information and then apply it where it is needed you are bound to see some good research in your SEO tasks.

Article written by Lior Levin

Lior who advises Producteev, a task management company and Milk Nursingwear, a nursing wear brand.

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