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Saturday, March 10, 2012

70 High Quality Free PSDs to Download

70 High Quality Free PSDs to Download

PSD files are a terrific resource for designers, because not only can they save you time on your projects, they can also teach you techniques and styles that you might not otherwise know. There are a lot of PSD files available on the web, ranging from icon sets to textures, layers, buttons and more.

In this post, you’ll find 70 free PSD files for web designers, web developers, and everyone else, that you can download and use in your designs. We’ve handpicked the absolute best PSD files on the web, so every resource you’ll find here is layered and organized with pixel-perfect details.

Download and enjoy!

Little Notepad Design (PSD)

Here is a sweet little notepad design complete with grid lined paper torn out pages.

Mini Cards: 15 Credit/Debit Card Icons

15 super-awesome credit/debit card icons just for little old you.

Analytics Widget (PSD)

Here is a nifty little design for an analytics widget with a matching icon by Farzad Ban.

Mini glyphs (12 px)

96 icons in 12×12 pixel size, 100% shape layers.

Social Sharing Button Count Design

Looks like a share button. That’s exactly what it is, grab the PSD for free and if you’re in a creative mood, develop it!

Like It Button

The “Like it?” feature is really popular nowadays. This is my attempt at this concept. The little +1 could be animatied on/off on cliked, or not.

Sticky Butterscotch UI Kit

Some Sticky Butterscotch UI Kit By Thomas

Portfolio website template

Massive slider helps to highlight a studio features. Three recent works on frontpage.

Download Buttons

some nice “download button” i made it to help use it in your design

Clean Minimalistic Portfolio Snap Freebie

Spice up your blog or portfolio with this sleek Portfolio Snap PSD Freebie giving your items the cutting edge look it deserves.

Portfolio Snap PSD

Progress Bar

Progress Bar free psd by Jeremy Sallée

Glossy Round Buttons

Here are some sweet glossy round buttons

Loading Bars

Today’s freebie is a finely crafted set of loading bars.

Chrome freebie (PSD)

Chrome freebie (PSD) by Kerem Suer

Player Controls ui

Some Player Controls ui for you

Dark UI Elements

Here are some Dark UI Elements

Minimicons 2nd Edition

This is the 2nd edition of minimicons and they’re just as awesome as the first.

Share buttons – free PSD

Here are some Share buttons – free PSD by Ionut Zamfir! hope you like it

Magazine Style Site Layout

This one is a big one, a magazine style site layout created in Photoshop. If you ever wanted to get an online magazine up and running, here’s your starting point.

iTunes Inspired UI Kit

Here is a full UI kit which was originally inspired by the iTunes UI. The kit includes all sorts of toggles, tabs, buttons, sliders and fields!

Pretty Little Calendar

Here you find a pretty little calendar design. The perfect tool for bookings, meetings, to-do’s, events – you name it.

Red Upload Button

First time working with custom shapes in PS. I wanted to make this button a little bit more “trash” than what we are used to see.

Social Share Blocks

Here are few Social Share Blocks

Pretty Little Sticker

An awesome little sticker for you! Download it and stick it to your next design project.

Socialis 2.1 – Icon pack with PSD

This Socialis 2.1 – Icon pack includes some amazing icons from facebook, youtube, tweeter and other famous social sites

Custom Lightbox Skin

Custom lightbox skin in PSD format – just enough to give your lightboxes the edge and stand out from the ‘default skin’ brigade

Cameras psd file

Cameras psd file by Jeremy Sallée. It includes 8 cameras in one psd file and many layers for you to play with :)

Tick & Cross Buttons

Set of two, one for ticks and one for crosses. Big and bold in size yet soft in colour, an interesting concept to play with.

Chunky Calculator

Chunky calculator design, Beautifully put together I’m sure you’ll agree.

Simple Chart

Same graph as the previous freebie but this time with little dots instead of bars. I think this one is a little bit cleaner.

iPod Speaker Stand PSD

Here are some iPod Speaker Stand PSDs for you

Notepaper & Sticky Tape

Here is a is section of notepaper with a good old piece of sticky tape

Pretty Little Pie Chart

Here is a pretty little pie chart breaking down my activity.

Stitched Fabric Horizontal Accordion

Here is a stitched fabric SlideDeck skin. Perfect for a horizontal accordion or slider with more than a little pazazz!

Letterpress Photoshop Layer Style & PSD

An old one but a good one, the letterpress style never seems to truly die. Here is a letterpress Photoshop layer style .asl file and PSD – whoop!

On/Off Switches and Toggles

Here We have a set of on/off switches which you can plonk straight into your next design.

Clean Light Minimal Notification Popup PSD

Clean refreshing notification popup bubbles, fancy hooking something like this up to your project? Give it a shot, download the PSD.

Newsletter Sign-up Form

Sweet and simple newsletter sign-up form – perfect for the darker websites out there. Get this badger hooked up and get them signing up.

Simple Pricing Table

Pricing tables, every man and his dog has a set and now you do too! There’s no excuse for having a shabby pricing page, take this freebie and make it your own.

To Do List

Click here to get the To Do List PSD.

Pretty Little Folded Ribbon

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, ribbons have been extremely popular over the last few months in the web design world. Today’s freebie is a simple little folded ribbon PSD.

Add to Cart Buttons

a set of add to cart buttons. As a consistent component of ecommerce design, these should come in very handy.

Simple Scrollbars

A set of simple little horizontal scrollbars. Not necessarily something we think about designing often but when we do we should do it right.

Music Player Skin

Here is a beautiful music player skin created by Haziq. The pixel perfect design is, well, pixel perfect.

Thumbnail Hover State Overlay

Thumbnail overlay – the type of thing you might want to include to spice up a portfolio or photo gallery

Clean & Simple Login Form

Clean and simple login form perfect for a multitude of sites. If you’re working on a super duper app or site design, then this may be of some use.

Glossy Web 2.0 Button Set

Buttons, buttons, buttons and more buttons. Today’s freebie consists of a small pack of Web 2.0 Buttons, try them out!.

Notification Rounded

I just wanted to see if I could do some icon design. This is an early draft but I think I will make more of these. Maybe a complete icon set!

Sticky Admin Bar

A ‘sticky’ admin bar. Whether it’s used for web app controls or simple site navigation, sticking it to the browser makes sure it grabs attention.

Tagtastic Tag Cloud

Here is a nice and simple little tag cloud – tagtastic! Now there’s no excuse for overlooking this neglected blog element

Dark Button Navigation

A simple navigation menu made up of a series of buttons and a single search field – a classy affair.

Transparent Content Box

A sweet & simple transparent content box with scrollbar. I’d be looking to trigger this much like a modal window but think it could hold its own as a permanent fixture.

Eye Candy Percentage Bar

Today’s freebie is what I like to call eye candy. It’s a free percentage bar PSD, ideal if you have any upcoming projects or current projects and you want to add a little life to your loading bars. Sure, they aren’t your average loading bars but you can’t argue, they’re not boring. A little colour here and there does no harm.

A Free Custom Video Player Design

Give your video’s that must have look by downloading this free Custom Video Player design. Not forgetting you need to code it.

Video Player PSD

A Free Compact Music Player Design (PSD)

A free compact music player skin PSD to better your applications or website widgets. Download it!

Compact Music Player

Image Gallery Design

Simple and effective; an image gallery complete with thumbnails. If you’re looking for something just a little different from a standard slider, look no further.

Simple Pricing Table

This is a simple and clean pricing table. These are not the most exciting thing to design but I think it’s always usefull to have one as a base.

A Clean jQuery AJAX Alert Box Plugin Freebie

A free lightweight jQuery AJAX Alertbox Plugin. Ideal for any upcoming or current projects you may have.

Sleek Web UI Elements Free PSD Download

Today’s freebie is a set of sleek web/UI elements that you can use to rapidly create a website mockup or application interface.

Sleek UI Elements

Social Sharing Button Count Design (PSD) Freebie

Looks like a share button. That’s exactly what it is, grab the PSD for free and if you’re in a creative mood, develop it!

Sharing Buttons

Blue UI Kit

A cool blue UI kit to download with PSD file and all layers intact

Blue UI Kit

17 content box shadows (PSD)

Friends, today’s download is a set of 17 content box shadows in PSD format. The graphic elements in a fully layered PSD file with each shadow box element neatly organized in named folder.

Content Boxes

Dark Pagination

What`s the most common element of each bigger website? Pagination. So here you have button typed one.

Dark Pagination

DDIcons (65 PNG + PSD Icons)

Here it is! My first icon set. I have to say I had a blast doing it. I stopped this set earlier than I tought because I want to start a new one, with more details and precision. Hope you guys like it!

Transparent Glass UI Kit

This free user interface pack, brought to you by PixelsDaily, includes a variety of popular elements used in web application and website design.

Transparent Glass UI Kit

ViewPort: Magazine Site Template

Here is another big one, a complete magazine style site layout.The design includes everything you would need to get started setting up a content-heavy site and includes sections for various widgets and ad space.

Happy Little Rain Cloud

This freebie is a happy little rain cloud. No, this doesn’t have much to do with web design but whatever.

Pretty Little Postage Stamp

A pretty little postage stamp – The design itself is pretty simple, an aged British postage stamp. The Ice Cube’s mug can be replaced with your own, someone else’s or perhaps even your logo.

A Free Clean Custom Lightbox Skin (PSD)

Want to up your website’s game? Have a go at implementing this free Lightbox Skin to an existing plugin or create your own!

Lightbox PSD

Paper Post

It’s an elegant “tumblr” style blog post.

You can find more free resources at our blog created by professional designers.

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