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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for Web Designers

Many savvy web designers are using various mobile apps which provide them ease in developing new web ideas, work on design ideas and facilitate comfort in adapting towards a mobile device. When used the perfect mobile app the overall work on designing projects could be made much easier for the web designers. With greater functionality and inbuilt features smart devices can make much of your work easier. Here is a list of top 10 best mobile applications for web designers.

1. Byword

This is one of the best apps that can be used for writing blog; this is designed to focus on your writing.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • It provides its users flexibility to search for text
  • Users can format the results to any particular section
  • It provides many options to select from

2. Adobe Ideas

It was launched by Adobe illustrator and allows professionals to take advantage of their device in ideation process. This lets users to design using vectors, colour palettes and layers. This app can be easily shared.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • Eyedropper tool, to select colour from present artwork
  • Synchronises to Adobe Creative illustrator
  • No extra charge, user can draw up to 10 layers

3. iMockups

This app is great to design, plan and structure your website, different elements can be integrated into your website such as headers, buttons, textboxes etc. It provides designers and developers an ability to draft wireframes quickly.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • It has pre-built dynamic controllers
  • Easy to collaborate and share
  • Supports multiple projects

4. Freeform

It has many interactive elements and icons which provides an ease to create apps. It allows the users to create models, sketches or diagrams.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • Create quick drawings and sketches
  • Access to colour picker to modify any colour
  • Exports your drawings to PDF, JPG or PNG format

5. Analytics HD

This is one of the best application that helps in monitoring your website statistics.

Here are a few highlights of this application:

  • Simple to check your stats
  • Gives quick and easy access to Google analytics
  • Presents overviews, content, event tracking, traffic and visitors reports

6. Flipboard

Flipboard converts your favourite images to digital magazine. It is a kind of special magazine, helps in seeing everything in a flipboard format.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • User can add their favourite elements and connect to social network
  • Well-designed application to read
  • It enables easy skimming

7. Air Display

This app can connect your smart device to PC or iMac and act as an extra monitor screen.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • No need to use wires and mess with monitor cables
  • Flash animations
  • Let’s user to make use of Photoshop

8. Sketchshare

This app is simple to use and lets user to connect quickly to their sketches.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • Helps in setting background colour
  • Templates can be easily downloaded
  • Automatically saves your sketches

9. iFontMaker

This app makes your typefaces done in 5 minutes; it has got free editor to make your font done quicker. With the help of phrase composer you can edit glyphs and can get font in original format.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • Easy download and can be shared with anyone
  • It supports UNICODE
  • User can email typography

10. What The Font

This app helps users to identify font, helps in fixing font right on the spot.

Here are a few highlights of this app:

  • User can view font details
  • User can snap a photo
  • Optimizes image for accuracy and speed

Are there any useful apps that you’ve found that deserve a mention? Please do let us know in the comments.

Article written by Zara

This guest post is contributed by Zara, financial guest blogger. At present she is focusing on ppi claims . catch her @financeport

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