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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10 WordPress Plugins and Apps for Bloggers

10 WordPress Plugins and Apps for Bloggers

WordPress is favored by bloggers all across the world, and qualifies as one of the most popular blogging platforms on a global scale. Make your WordPress your own; customize, enhance, structure and more, by shifting your attention to great plug ins that are worth investing your time and money!

With over 21,000 plugins make sure you’re opting for the ones that match your preferences and needs the best, whilst delivering the greatest results! Each blogger is different, however here’s a list of 10 great WordPress plug-ins every blogger should get to know;

1. W3 Total Cache

Well respected by many of the credible voices behind social media, naming Mashable.com as one, W3 Total Cache is a brilliantly fast and sophisticated plug in which reduces the download times for the user! W3 Cache also delivers transparent content delivery network integration.

2. Alltop

Not an App or plugin, but you should certainly be aware of the awesome site that is Alltop. Alltop empowers the blogger, feeding you fresh and new information in the form of the latest stories. Make sure you’re added to an AllTopic topic to increase your traffic, keep track of what competitors are posting, and take away blogging tips from bloggers specializing in in a similar niche to that of your own.

3. No Self Pings

Ever find those pings WordPress sends to you every time you write posts really irritating? Well with No Self Pings, you can remove them. Simple as that.

4. Hello Bar

Impressing bloggers with its variety of features, Hello bar is a favorite amongst bloggers and it’s not difficult to see why! It allows you to add a nice call to action or message to the top of the page, perhaps promoting a product or your mailing list. Customize to your hearts content with this plug in- with a vast range of different textures and colors, save your favorite combinations to return to later. Track how many people have viewed your blog with statistics, showing your performance and custom date ranges- enabling you to keep improving!

5. Defensio

Feel secure with Defensio – a plug in that removes harmful content from your blog, whether it’s in the form of spam, negative comments, or anything similarly threatening. This plug in supports most social media platforms, filters through spam, script detection, URL categorization, as well as offering more advanced features such as detailed statistics and support for OpenID.

6. Digg Digg

Don’t let spam drag you down, make sure you invest in a decent anti-spam plug in to put your mind at rest! Digg Digg delivers great results at an agreeable price too- meaning any blogger can protect their blogs from spam.

7. Seven Days

Activate or deactivate widgets on particular days with the smart plug in that is Seven days! This is a great way to make sure you’re not falling behind a step in posting content on the days where it matters most. Extremely useful and efficient, this plug in makes your job a lot easier.

8. SlideDeck

Create your very own slideshows with SlideDeck! Use images, audio, text and include social media feeds, as well as customize the template to match your WordPress design. Simple and easy to use, this plug in is a great way to show off your media.

9. Focus Booster

Focus Booster is all about the Pomodoro technique – a time technique created by Francesco Cirillo in the 80’s. Not a WordPress plugin, but great for bloggers! This smart and sophisticated app ensures that you get your tasks done in the fastest and most efficient way. Choose your task, your Pomodoro will run for 25 minutes whilst gradually going from green to red till it rings a bell and sets a five minute break. This is a unique and great tool for bloggers who find themselves with very little time on their hands!

If you’re unfamiliar, take a look at this video explaining the principles of the technique.

10. WordPress SEO by Yoast

No blogger who loves writing wants to miss out on getting traffic from Google, so it is important to think about your SEO. This plugin on Yoast requires a tiny amount of setup and will take care of a lot of common SEO issues for you – without you having to worry about it!


We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, let us know what your favorite plugins and apps are that help you with your blogging.

Article written by dannycooper

Danny Cooper is a movie geek, aspiring designer and writer. He currently writes for Print Express Print Supplies - a UK based company who sell a range of printing supplies including business cards, flyers and postcards.

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