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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SEO or Web Design – What Is More Important While Designing Your Business Website

SEO or Web Design - What Is More Important While Designing Your Business Website

This question is something odd, but when it comes to the practicality it is often a question to be thought and well planned about. We can see that there will be websites, which are well built and designed but is almost invisible when searching on the web. Similarly, there are websites that will show up amongst the top of the web results for effective utilization of the SEO tools. However, the user will end up in not revisiting the website due to lack of effective web designing.

Therefore, it is clear that if you want to boost your business online, you have to think well on these two aspects contributing equally to add revenue and popularity in the web. Your website should be not only rich with the information to your target market, but also give a good visual retreat to your customer or the visitor. Remember that you are selling your business to the world and there are several similar website in the market. Your uniqueness should be defined and convinced equally compromising to the graphic and content retreat. Once you are able to succeed in these aspects, you just have to watch bringing up revenue to your business.


Effective Mix of the SEO Tools and Web Design

A good website should be a mix of an optimized keyword specific web page that will enable to get at the top notch of a search engine. While designing a web page utmost importance has to be given by the web owner to see that the desired keywords are incorporated with the content that easily help a visitor to get they are exactly looking for. Similarly, you should not compromise about the visual graphics that attracts within the first 5 seconds to stay on the page by a visitor. The navigation of the links and any sort of the content a web page is giving importance has to be neatly and in precise to be delivered.

Therefore, the key here is that your webpage should be equally contributing to the user and to the machine. In order to achieve this what is required is to plan and define at the redesigning and web development process the route map on how the website has to be, define the purpose and objective of the website and the links to be appended. The design and structure should convince the user on the information they seek. If the website succeeds in it, it definitely wins the user’s heart to end up as a frequent visitor.

Pictures speaks more than words

Web designing is not just about putting colors or logos or some animations. It is a visual presentation of the content for the visitor. There should be a clear message that has to be passed to the visitor. It is the task of the website owner to convince and propagate the ideas to the web designer about the desired structure and layout of the web page.

Marketing your website

So this means to the website owner that he is going to market the webpage. This is a product and how you advertise a product to churn revenue, it is the same way marketing your product online.

Therefore, you have to formulate a marketing strategy to sell your business and the marketplace is your webpage. Surviving in the online market is about effectively selling your products with the right caption on the designing side and by understanding the customer’s needs on the marketing side. Therefore, if your business has to get attention into the market, you need to adopt the right marketing tools and techniques to get the return for your investment. These can be only be realized when there is the right combination of a good write up and a pictorial representation of what your business has on offer to the customer. This must be delivered through your website.

When you talk about the marketing strategy, the important aspects of marketing like the target market, the demography, the peer comparison of the market segment etc., the pricing and logistics channels etc., needs to be taken into consideration. Every aspect of these has to formulated with your web designer. We witness failure of many eCommerce sites to show up at the top of the search engine results. What actually happens is they simply copy the contents provided by the manufacturers in their brochures. Such things will only lower the ranking of the eCommerce website or any of such kind. This not only wastes the time and cost of the business owner, but also can adversely bring down the customer’s expectation to that business profile.

Adoption of Creative Writing and Good Marketing

So, it is the rephrasing that gives the right task in creating a niche amongst the peers. Your website should be creative and predictive to the changes that are going to happen with your business segment. Your products and services and the uniqueness it gives to the customer should incorporate to the write up of the webpage. It should be able to convince the customer in staying on to the website and grab attention for what your objective is. Once you are able to convince the user, you have won the heart of the customer and delighted him. Therefore, effective marketing strategy always plays a key role in bringing up your business to the right path.

Equilibrium of SEO and Web Designing

A good website with effective keywords and graphic interface can impress the visitor for its professionalism. It implicitly gives an idea to the visitor about the team profile and provokes to revisit the web page. Moreover, adoption of various SEO tools for search optimization can boost in delivering the desired result.

Therefore, if you ask that which is more important SEO or web designing, both maintains equilibrium in the website.  Shortage of any of these can bring an adverse impact to the website owner. Investing more time rather with cost is always important for your business to get noticed in the web world.

Article written by Samy

Samy is an article freelance writer who also writes for his own blog on SEO and technology at website SEO Company . He has recently provided good tips for his users which details about importance of web designing as well as SEO for a business website or blog. You must check out his blog for getting more information on above topic.

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