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Monday, June 17, 2013

30 Plugins and Tools To Improve Your Work and Save Your Time

When you work, it is really important to manage your time effectively by finding the right resources to help you. Here is a list of 30 plugins and tools that will help you in future projects.

1. Responsive Navigation

This is a tiny JavaScript plug-in which can be used in navigating in larger and small screens. It weighs only 1.7KB which means it does not eat up your memory or space in the device.


2. JQuery Engage

Done reading an article? Have your say and share it across to other readers on social network. This plug-in enables the user to subscribe for a newsletter or add a comment once you are finished with an article.


3. Draggabilly

You need to a drag that element on the webpage. Just install this plug-in and keep going Draggabilly with your touch.


4. Simple YouTube Menu Effect Tutorial

You’ve just finished watching a video on YouTube; and you need to create a drop-down menu for the same- this tutorial gives it.


5. Sudo Slider

This is a jQuery plug-in which solve all those sliding issues smoother and dynamic. Just add those videos on your watchlist, add some transitional effects, get going.


6. DoubleTapToGo

A plug-in that is touch-friendly helps you in drop-down navigation apt for small screens.


7. Slingpic

Want to share an image on the social network, or if you want to blog and email it, whatever may be your choice, this Widget left the user with customized and enhanced visual experience.


8. Mouse Wheel Event

If you want to make your site more dynamic, Mouse Wheel Event will show you how to make it using HTML 5.


9. Sly

Want to show your Portfolios on a one-directional transition to your clients? Install this JQuery Plug-in to support your browser functionality and make the deal.


10. SimplyScroll

Now control the navigation under your control with this Java library tool that supports any devices with touch screen with manual or automatic animations.


11. Picture Tooltip

How much interactive and lively do you require to give your slide presentation- customize and present those images by installing this plug-in.


12. MotoPress WordPress Plugin

MotoPress is an intuitive plugin that allows you to manage, change and edit your website’s layout only with a few clicks. Use drag and drop editor to create, manage and edit your website’s layout on the fly and get really advanced and unique site’s appearance.

MotoPress WordPress Plugin

13. Bespoke.Js

Novelity is a synonym for Bespoke.Js because it redefines your slide presentations compatible using with both touch and type interface.


14. HeapShot

A JQuery Plug-in which enables to flip your favorite pictures makes customizing easy with animations to give a lively experience.


15. Chart.Js

For those who need a extra guts on the Graphs with Pie, line, bar or something different, Chart.Js revives your data to a professional look.


16. Simple Slider

Now life becomes easier to work on those CSS interface- this Java library enables you in sliding any images or videos from HTML.


17. Tooltipify

Do you need to alter those Tips in the browser sliding in to make it attractive? Use this Jquery tool to make your site dynamic.


18. Blue Pen Editor

Make those alterations as you go with this useful Online CSS editor- useful for both static and dynamic sites.


19. Display Product Info on Hovering Images

This is the most suitable JQuery Plug-in for an e-commerce site if you need to highlight short info about a product on a Thumbnail.


20. Animated Login Form

Give the user an attractive form for login with adding effective animations bringing more users with this JQuery and CSS Plug-in for a dynamic site.


21. Full Content

This plug-in helps in giving a concise and good page alignment for your screen, that is both horizontally and vertically. The large pages are fit to the contents for smooth scrolling.


22. Weathro

Stay updated about a climatic condition of a location with this tool.


23. Responsive Multi-Level Menu

Want to tile and organize Menu to make it more responsive and attractive? Try this tool.


24. JQuery.Shape Shift

Optimise the space in your webpage with this plug-in organizing various elements in size.


25. Flexnav

A HQuery plug-in mainly focused for touch screens, helps to organize menu neatly.


26. Tooltipster

Next time when you create those Tooltips, download this plug-in and make it attractive.


27. Calendario

Calendario is a fexible calendar plugin. A jQuery calendar plugin for creating flexible calendars.


28. Snap.Js

Make those Facebook like shelves now on your mobile with this library.


29. Flaunt.Js

Make your site to give the most info with simple clicks- this tool creates a navigation menu that reveals nested items.


30. Pimax 1.0

Do you want to share your Picasa album on your website- install this plug-in and customize the widget?


Have you found any plugin or tools that can be of great help? Please do share what you’ve found in the comments.

Article written by James

James is a Wordpress geek who loves using this blogging platform for his blogs. He also regularly searches for better Magento extensions to make his blogging experience better.

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