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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Marketing Considerations To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Logo

Your logo is an integral part of your business’s marketing and identity. Designers in the past have referred to it as a business’s flag. It visually identifies a business, but doesn’t necessarily need to describe what it does.

As you design your business’s logo, keep in mind the wide array of marketing uses for it — from business cards to large banners and billboards, and everything between. There are multiple applications for your logo, and it needs to be visually appealing at all levels.

Here are some marketing considerations to keep in mind as you design your logo.


Marketing Considerations To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Logo

Think minimally  Here’s the advantage to going with a minimal logo design: the less detail there is, the easier it is for your customers to remember. Think McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and even FedEx. A minimal logo can help you maintain a clean and visually attractive design throughout the course of your branding. Consider using simple shapes, basic fonts and utilizing your negative space with your logo. Don’t fall into the temptation to describe everything that your business does. By the time you shrink down the detail for a business card or thumbnail, it may lose a large amount of its impact. Minimal logos can often be memorable and successful.

Make sure it scales – As stated in the introduction, your logo is going to appear on a wide array of marketing materials. You may need it for letterheads, brochures, banners, flyers, the website, and a whole host of other uses. If you use vector files to create your logo, there will be more flexibility in the variety of sizes. The alternative is a raster image, which will become pixilated as you try to stretch it out for larger applications. Vector files can easily be created in Adobe Illustrator.

Shoot for vibrant – Your logo offers your customers the first visual image that they will associate with your company. If you can utilize bright, bold color, it can help invoke a positive image for your business. Think Toys R Us or even the Google logo. While the Google logo is very simple, the array of color stands out on the otherwise blank, white page. Also, consider creating an active image. Think about the Twitter bird flapping its wings. That’s better than sitting on a perch. Or consider the Apple logo. It’s much more visually interesting with the bite taken out of it. A vibrant logo can spice up your marketing.

It’s not your entire brand – As you design your logo, make sure that you understand it doesn’t need to communicate everything. You have your website, graphics and other marketing to help convey your message. Your logo is there for that attractive visual representation of your business. Let your other marketing content do its job as well. Your logo does not need to tell your entire brand’s story in one swoop. Remember, minimal logos can be very successful, and a busy logo may look OK on the banner, but it’s probably going to look cluttered and illegible on a business card.

Your logo is an integral part of the marketing picture. When designed right, it can be an effective way to draw people in to your message and enhance the brand experience for your customers.

Article written by Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan is a marketing writer based in the Chicago area. He regularly writes about content marketing, blogging, and engaging with your audience. He has been published on ProBlogger, Soshable,Business2Community, and writes for Optiva Signs. Connect with Matthew on his website, www.matthewlbrennan.com, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.

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