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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top 10 Tips To Help You Master Great Graphic Designs

Top 10 Tips To Help You Master Great Graphic Designs

Graphic designers are the most hit professionals in today’s economy. With the increasing competition, the clients are demanding to have newest and innovative graphic designs to boost their revenues. Apart from this, those who are working as freelancer graphic designers can make exclusive place and earn lucrative in the freelance market through those desperate clients from all over the world are eager to bid on the designs.

Whether you are producing visuals for seminar, trade show or a meeting or, giving critical sales presentations or unveiling a new company’s logo – your client will always expect that the graphics designed by you shall convey the message and receive the attention they deserve.

Even with exemplary design skills it is still to stay ahead in the competition. However, don’t let these challenged bring you down. You are doing well, and still go far – this is the belief you need to cultivate. Anybody who is designer at a profession can make, but the design that is made with brilliance and passion is what it counts.

Graphic design is the field that quickly changes both technically and creatively. It is easy to get along with the flow and catching up with new techniques. Though, it is as important to focus pushing and improving the limits of your creativity.

When in a design school it is easy to have helping hands and suggestions that help to create a good graphic design. But once you are out of that protective environment you are no longer surrounded by the learning environment. There comes a time to showcase your talent and compete for your survival.

CompeteIt is the basic survival instinct that pushes you to create the best graphic design. Competition is – good – if this doesn’t work think other way around – motivators are just round the corner. Once you have known that someone else is after that thing you want, it becomes a challenge to get it first.

With the determination of not to stagnant your creativity and kick to learn and practice new things consistently, you are sure going to rock. Below mentioned are top 10 tips for great graphic designs.

Coming Back To Graphic Design Part



This is an obvious start, but regardless creating something new every day is the sure-fire way to success. How? The perfection only comes from repetition, the more you design, and the better you come doing it. You need to practice something to become an actual expert and establish yourself.

Becoming A Collector


Any point of time and place you like or you see the design that inspires you gather it. Bring it with you and file it neatly. This way you will have a great collection of postures, brochures, collages which will be a great resource to create innovative graphic designs. You can always have a look on inspiration blogs, magazines or galleries that will help you see more designs to inspire you.

Click Lots Of Photos


Camera phones solve a lot of problems by clicking the pictures you like – it could be anything from a wall texture to a billboard on the cross roads. Now no more worrying about collecting designs if you are not able to do so. With the advent of Smartphones you can practically click pictures you like and get inspiration for your graphic designs.

Limit Your Wordings


Try limiting your fonts as much as possible. Your designs should be sufficient to convey the message to the desired audience. Thank of simple statement or some catchy phrase that are appealing and meaningful.

Target The Audience


It is important to know what kind of audience you want to reach – the gender, age, lifestyle, location, and income. It is very crucial since your design will be aiming towards them and if the design is not effective enough it would make the entire meaning wrong.

Networking With Other Graphic Designers


It is hard to admit that others are good than you , but the sooner you accept the fact the better. Networking with other designers will help you learn your flaws and also see how they stand exclusive. Talking with them and learning from them will push your work smarter with a better creative sense.

Switch Styles

Swich styles-7

It is good to have a monopoly but not in designs. If you are using glossy finishes in your designs every time than it is high time you try something different – remembering different always work. Keep doing the same thing will not create innovative graphics but boredom.



You are starting with the new project and the creative juices are flowing. But before you begin, have you given a thought why certain designs only work and some doesn’t get to look. It is because of the photography, layout and some other combination. It is okay to browse around and see what people prefer to watch, what appeals to them etc. While looking at other people’s work, draw some conclusion and make use of them in your creativity.



Perhaps it is the most vital part when it comes to creating design. Perfection only comes with a lot of patience, and practicing. Do not stop until you have created something that clicks even if it takes weeks to accomplish.

Learn Through Your Habits


Learning from your habits is a powerful way to master a graphic design. When you practice it for so long that it becomes your second nature. You eventually come around creating something that others are not capable to do.

Practice the above mentioned 10 tips at least for fifteen minutes in a day and you are certain to notice a good difference in your creativity and work. It will go from better to best and surviving a competition is no more challenging. Graphic designing is indeed a great creative work and needs lot of artistic and inventive approach, with the above mentioned tips you are sure going to witness the change and also your clients will be patting you for the great creative work. It is not going to give you an overnight success, but the success will be long term if you are persistent in following these tips.

About the guest author: James is a great experienced web graphic designer who works in a reliable Illustration Map firm – http://www.illustratedmaps.com/. He also writes his personal blog about web design and blogging where he provides his useful tips on same.

Article written by Ahmad Hania

Ahmad Hania is a professional designer and developer with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He is interested in freelancing and blogging. He is a cofounder of Wateen Technologies an application development and hosting company. He loves video games and sports. Read more articles by Ahmad Hania at his blog Follow Ahmad Hania at Twitter and Facebook.

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